Glossary of Food Terms

Burrata | A stretched layer of fresh mozzarella filled with cream and Stracciatella(mozzarella) curds

Cannelloni | Cylindrical tubes of fresh or dried egg pasta, stuffed and baked. A dish of cannelloni can also be made with crespelle (crepes)

Conchiglie/conchiglioni/conchiglioni | Shell shapes in varying sizes

Caponata |  a salad or accompaniment generally cooked and containing eggplant, tomato and onion

CBA |  The Original “best certification” for Certified Black Angus Beef. Which uses hide color and DNA testing. Not to be confused with the now common CAB, Certified Angus Beef.

Castelvetrano | a very mild buttery and vibrant tasting green olive, from the Trapani Coast of Sicily, Italy

Compote | whole fruits or such cooked in sugar and water till firm and jelly-like

Fontina | a semi hard Italian cow’s milk cheese

Fonduta | a warm many cheese dip or heavy sauce

Gorgonzola |  A strong, soft blue veined Italian cheese generally made from cow’s milk

Gnocchi | Small dumplings, made with egg, water and flour, or with boiled potatoes and flour

Israeli couscous | a small semolina pasta, also known as toasted or barley couscous`

Lasagne/lagane/laganelle | Fresh pasta cut into wide strips, also dried (resonate, with curly edges). This was the laganon of the Greeks, the laganum of the Romans

Linguine/linguinette/linguettine | Long flattened, spaghetti-like dried pasta, ‘little tongues’. Particularly suited to fish pasta sauces

Marcona |  considered the “Queen “ of almonds, generally softer, sweeter, rounder than California Almonds

Pappardelle | Long wide ribbons of egg pasta, fresh or dried, from 2cm wide. From Tuscany

Pancetta  | Italian salted and rolled bacon, may be seasoned with juniper and black pepper

Panéed  | quickly pan fry breaded meats in hot oil or butter. The favorite meats being thin pieces of veal or chicken which are dusted in flour, breadcrumbs or a mixture of both.

Pesto | a fine ground herb, generally incorporating Genovese (sweet) basil, olive oil, nuts and cheese(we eliminate do to allergy request)

Prosciutto |  Salted and Air dried hind leg of a pig; Prosciutto de Parma is specifically made from Italian white pig, which is fed the whey from Parmesan production, salted and air dried at least 24 months

PEI Mussels |  Prince Edward Island Sound off Nova Scotia farm Raised rope cultured black mussel

Rapini | a bitter baby Italian turnip green with buds, grown and used expansively across Italy, perfect accompaniment to cream and tomato sauce dishes

Sapelo Island Clam |  a small barrier island, state protected off the coast of McIntosh Island , Ga. 

Stracci |  the name means literally rags, pasta torn into irregular pieces, according to the customs of where the pasta is made, mostly northern Italy,

White Anchovy | Preserved in white vinegar and olive oil. Far from the typically brown, mushy, overly salted little fish. Generally eaten as an appetizer in the Mediterranean 


Executive Chef/Proprietor Danny Mellman